The multidisciplinary nature of our team allows the studio to work from the concept phase of a project, through to execution, providing the necessary support and advice in all phases of design, development and implementation.

1 Concept Design

Our initial meeting begins in collaboration with the client and key design partners onsite. Talking through the project in detail, with the architectural plans we discuss furniture layouts, finishes and furnishings. These details all play a part in the overall lighting scheme and it is during these meetings the seed for our lighting design materialises.

We then develop the scheme, generating plans, concepts and mood boards. Once in place, the lighting layouts will be drawn up, indicating the position of each fitting, circuit number and control. We use AutoCAD in order to produce DWG’s which can be readily shared amongst the wider design team and contractors on site.

2 Technical Design

Once we have an agreed scheme, we can begin work on the specification. Sourcing the most appropriate architectural light fittings and specifying good quality LED luminaires is an intrinsic part of the service we provide. Over the years we have built excellent relationships with a wide range of suppliers, in order to maintain a high level of technical and light quality for our clients.

We specify good quality luminaires, to ensure the technical requirements are met and to avoid maintenance problems in the future. We can provide lighting calculations for planning or commercial regulations and can generate CGI’s on request.

As architectural and interior details are developed, meetings with the design team will be required to ensure all elements are incorporated within the overall design. Where lighting is integrated within structural elements, the design details will need to be discussed and agreed among the relevant parties to ensure full coordination.

3 Construction/Project Management

We work hard to negotiate the best deals to ensure the most competitive quotations and no additional costs to the clients via our procurement route.

Site meetings

During construction and where possible, we like to meet with the electrician on site, to discuss the scheme upfront. We then remain on hand throughout the project.

Design Revisions

Inevitably, plans change during the course of any project. The furniture layout may change slightly, ideas can alter, and unforeseen obstacles may arise. The lighting design can always be amended according to these revisions.

Project Coordination

We are on hand to support the project at every stage of the build. The more involvement we have the better, as multiple elements impact the type and position of the fittings.

Site meetings & Technical assistance

An added value of our service is to provide technical support either remotely or on on-site. We can answer any technical questions pre and post contract to ensure everything goes smoothly.


Optino will remove the burden from you, your project management team, electrical contractor, or builder with regards to sourcing the correct specification of lighting. We will obtain quotations and pass on our trade discounts where possible to ensure lighting is procured in the most cost-efficient way.

4 Commissioning And Handover

When the electrical installation is complete, artwork hung and the interiors have been installed, commissioning the lighting scheme concludes our design service. The time it takes to commission a scheme will vary, depending on whether there is a lighting control system, or standard rotary dimmers used.

Where there is a control system, prior to the meeting we will produce a Programme Schedule which provides the AV company with the suggested pre-sets for the lighting schemes. We will also take the opportunity to check that the scheme has been implemented as intended and any snagging items are documented.

By tweaking angles, changing lamps or adding lenses – the overall result will be enhanced immeasurably.

A final note on fees

Please contact the studio to discuss your requirement, after which we will be able to prove you with a fee proposal for your approval. For further details, or to arrange an initial consultation, please contact:

Our Process

Our journey starts with RIBA stages, but we are flexible and often tailor the way we work to our clients’ needs for the best possible results.

Concept Design

Stage 1

Client/LHD Scope & agree brief

Preparation & Brief
RIBA stage 1

Project team/LHD Concept sign off

Concept Design
RIBA stage 2

Technical Design

Stage 2

Project team/LHD Technical design

Developed Design
RIBA stage 3

LHD Specification

Technical Design
RIBA stage 4

Project Management

Stage 3

Project team/LHD Support

Preparation & Brief
RIBA stage 5

Project team/LHD/Optino Lighting Support

Project management

Comission & Handover

Stage 4

Project team/LHD Commissioning

RIBA stage 6

Client/LHD Snagging

In Use
RIBA stage 7

Banner image: with thanks to SOTA Design (Architecture design) and ISO Visuals (CGI design)