Our Philosophy

About Light House Designs

Experience the difference

We believe effective lighting is the core ingredient in harmonising all aspects of design. Lighting plays with our perceptions, creates unique sensations and experiences, and has the ability to transform a space and how people live within it.

Timeless inspiration and results

The designs we produce are not formulaic or style driven. They are derived from measured architectural principles and inspired by history, geography, different cultures and the natural world around us.

Light and well-being

We are fascinated by how the atmosphere created by light, be it natural, artificial, bright, dim or dramatic can influence the subconscious and how people feel within a space. We experiment with light and shadows and often defer to the wisdom of natural light.

Adaptable spaces

We carefully explore the varying moods and combinations of light levels that can be created, with meticulous thought given to positioning, circuiting and control.

Inspired by simplicity, committed to detail

We balance function with form to create spaces which are well-lit, stylish and functional.

Teamwork and transparency

The relationships we foster with our clients and teams are foundational to exceptional results. Good rapport builds when listening and communicating clearly from the outset.

About Light House Designs
“Without the imagination and the extraordinary technical expertise of Light House Designs, we would never have been able to achieve that elusive sense of space, intimacy and style that can transform a property.”
“I have had the pleasure of working with Jo and her team on a number of residential and commercial projects. Jo is organised, responsive, charming and utterly professional. Her thoughtful approach and attention to detail is uncompromised, bringing style and beauty to every space.”