‘Working from home’ Lightmares

With many people forced to work from home, and those not lucky enough with a dedicated workspace, the impromptu home office; bedroom, dining room, breakfast bar and cupboard, does not always present itself with the best lighting.

December 4, 2020, by Henry Li

With the various day-to-day tasks including writing, reading, working on computer screens and video conferences, your home lighting is worked hard and not necessarily equipped to help with all those tasks.

Takeaway tips:
1. Sunlight – maximise the amount of daylight, this is nature’s free and best light source! By working near a window where possible, reap the health & wellbeing benefits. Remember when on video conference avoid having the window/daylight behind you to prevent being in silhouette.

2. Ambient lighting – when working with a digital screen it is important to have indirect background lighting to reduce the overall contrast and the potential of eye strain or fatigue.

3. Task lighting – on those grey winter days when we are all craving sunshine, be sure to use local task lighting to boost lighting levels at your workspace.

4. Flexibility – having layers of light and lighting control allows you to change your environment throughout the day and seasons.

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