Why do I need a lighting designer?

July 7, 2021, by Guy Kornetzki

Congratulations, you are starting to work on a construction project. This could be anything – a house, an office building, a shop or a restaurant, and in any case, it is going to be amazing!

Who are you?

You might be a professional, a business owner or a homeowner; you might have a personal investment in the project, or you may be appointed to it by someone else. Regardless, there is going to be a lot that needs to be done in order to make your project a reality. You will need help.

The A-Team

You will need to put together a team to help you realise your project.
For example, you are likely to need a contractor to build your project. They will need to know a vast amount of information about what to build, where to put it, what to make it out of etc so you are going to need a professional team to advise (design) that for you. That is usually an architect or an interior designer depending on the project. In addition, there may be a need for additional input from other professionals regarding planning permission, structural, electrical and mechanical engineering and (if you are lucky) landscape design, audio-visual etc.
You might be thinking – “that sounds like a lot of people to pay, and it all adds up!”. You are right, but in order to do things properly, and only once without having to pay more money for fixing problems, it is worth it. Besides, you may not need all these people all the time.

What about a lighting designer?

“Thanks, I’m already paying all these people, I don’t need another designer. I’ll get one of the people I’m already paying to do this too.”
Sounds reasonable, certainly sounds cheaper, but is it right?? A lighting designer is a specialist profession; it requires the perfect combination of creativity, highly skilled technical knowledge, project management and people skills. There are many factors to consider about how to light a space both qualitative and quantitative, spatial, visual and psychological. There are countless light fittings to consider, each with numerous related components to specify to make it all work.
Therefore, as you are unlikely to get a decorator to design your furniture or a doctor to check your car, why ask an electrical contractor or an architect to design your lighting scheme!?

Good lighting design has many benefits, and a professional, independent lighting designer is the best choice to help you realise them all. It starts with enhancing the space and everything inside it after dark (why buy expensive floors, paints and furniture if they are not lit properly?), but there is so much more to it.


Recent research has shown that light has a profound effect on our bodies. Getting it right has never been so important for our physical and emotional sense of well-being. A professional lighting designer will be up to date on the latest technologies to advise you.

Cost saving: lower your energy bills

It is much more than simply “energy saving bulbs in your cupboard”. A holistic approach that considers fittings, controls and how you use your space can have a real impact on your bill. This is especially true if you have an old property. A professional lighting designer will assess your space, learn your needs and provide expert advice based on a multitude of factors to offer the most suitable solutions.


Your space can be so much more with the right light! Focused and productive, relaxed and cosy, inspirational and meditative, fun and crazy?! All of this and more. It can be achieved with lighting, and we have plenty of ideas for you to choose from.

Working from home

Whether a spare room turned home office or a state-of-the-art back garden GCHQ, the right lighting is essential to get you productive and at the top of your game.

Professional, independent

Years of knowledge and experience are put in service of your project. We call upon many different lighting suppliers across the world to find the most suitable products on a budget that is right for you.


Our initial quote is free-of-charge, so you have an idea of how much our fees are likely to be. On a project, we charge hourly and only for time spent, plus we have different rates for different levels of designer, not a blanket charge. Most importantly we offer a flexible and tailor-made approach to suit your needs.

So why do you need a lighting designer? Because it is the right thing to do for yourself, your project and your investment.