RLE (Replaceable Light Engine System)

November 1, 2022, by Lightgrpahix

Since our inception in 1979 we have been repairing and upgrading large and interior focused products. Repairing miniature exterior rated products on the other hand, has been more difficult and previously only involved re-using the bezel, disposing of the rest of the fitting.

To tackle the issue of material waste and circularity on our miniature fitting range, in 2019 we began designing our replaceable light engine solution.

The main challenge during development was ensuring high IP ratings were maintained, as our products are often used in harsh marine settings and over 40 years of experience has gone into our unique method of sealing them against water ingress.

In June 2022, after extensive testing, we launched our exterior rated RLE1 system across 15 products, with this number set to increase imminently. RLE1 joins the existing RLE2 and RLE3 systems, which have been available on our LD42, LD43 and miniature downlight range (LD71DR, LD71M, LD72DR, LD72M) for several years.

The system is an original and innovative design which provides customers with an unlimited ability to repair and upgrade LED fittings at any stage in their lifecycle, renewing them for decades, with minimal material waste as a result.

We are the first manufacturer to implement an innovation of this kind across a miniature range of exterior products, that maintain an IP67 rating.

All the systems are based on a single modular engine insert consisting of the LED and optic, which reduces project lead times and can be easily disassembled at the end of life for recycling.

Physical repairs and upgrades can be conducted onsite, removing the need to return the fitting to us to await repair and halving the shipping emissions associated with this.

Not only can RLE reduce waste at the end of a fitting’s life, but it also reduces waste generated through error, if an incorrect beam angle or colour temperature has been specified on a project.

Samples requests also benefit from reusing the same body and engine insert, simply swapping the optic to test different beam angles or the engine insert if various colour temperatures are required.

Tackling the miniature range is just the start of our RLE initiative and we look forward to continuing its integration across more product groups. With over 90% of our fittings repairable currently and most featuring similar RLE systems, we are swiftly working on the remaining 10%.

Initiative values

  1. Provides lifetime circularity to LightGraphix products
  2. Reduces material waste at different stages of the product lifecycle
  3. Provides customers with the flexibility to alter lit effect before, or at the end of life
  4. Offers the ability for our worldwide partners to stock inserts, reducing shipping emissions
  5. Cost effective replacement solution

Here at Light House Designs are very proud to partner with responsible manufacturers such as those with continued commitment to sustainability and reducing waste with an ethical approach which is aligned with our beliefs and our customers desires to ensure a sustainable future.

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