Phos – Renew

November 2, 2022, by masterSOSlogin

Phos is part of a family group of UK based engineering companies called The Cadisch Group, founded in 1883, spanning five generations.

Our deep understanding of metals has been passed down through generations, successfully demonstrated across multiple industries and sectors, including supply to the world’s most reputable aircraft and automotive brands, the Ministry of Defence and even gaining a Royal warrant.

This manufacturing experience combined with the latest LED technology allows us to create some of the most functional,customisable and beautifully crafted luminaires in the world.

For the past 12 years Phos has employed the principles of a circular economy in their manufacturing processes. They have always given an unlimited duty of care on all the components they manufacture. As a British manufacturer, they are supported by a local community of suppliers of services, components and products, thus reducing their overall carbon footprint. This also enables Phos to reduce delivery times, maintaining better control of their manufacturing process and most importantly, gives them the ability to easily repair or adapt fittings after installation, ensuring they preserve the planet’s vital resources.

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