2020 Update

We all have strong opinions about 2020, there is no doubt it has been difficult; however, I feel exceptionally lucky to work in an industry which that has largely been able to continue throughout.

December 4, 2020, by Jo Mann

With this in mind, here at Light House Designs, we have quietly been beavering away from the confounds of playrooms, attics and kitchen tables, soberly appreciating each new client or project that enters our lives.

It is bittersweet that with so many successful businesses unable to trade due to COVID-19, 2020 marks the 10-year anniversary for Light House Designs. This time a decade ago, I had no idea the journey I was about to embark on! There are some very special people who have generously given their time, advice and support along the way, paired with the very special people who make up our team, past and present. So, in celebration of small businesses and a personal achievement, I have decided to refresh our brand.

I hope you like our new look and let’s all look forward to 2021 and beyond.

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